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Always investing, no matter what.

As Winter will soon be upon us, it's always a time for deep reflection. And what another year it is proving to be; global transportation challenges continue to dominate the headlines with retailers taking things into their own hands, chartering vessels direct to ensure stability in the supply chain and crucially getting products into stores and ultimately the hands of consumers. Just in time for Christmas. Moreover, notwithstanding the Europe wide driver shortage to move goods from 'Ports to Bonds' and the mass migration of skilled workers due in part to BREXIT, at Chichester Bond we continue to invest and find ways to drive growth, providing our ever growing global client network with World Class bonded solutions.

Only 12 month's ago, during one of the most challenging periods for any business, our newly refurbished 65,000 SQFT warehouse was almost empty with more than 5,400+ pallet spaces.

Today, we are 92% fully occupied and managed by an expert and dedicated warehouse team under the watchful eyes of Justin Gough, Warehouse Manager and Pedro Campos, Assistant Warehouse Manager.

To underpin our service excellence, as part of our continuous improvement to achieve the highest standards of quality compliance, improved operational efficiency and streamlined process, we are certified to the Internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 standard.

No matter what curve balls come our way, we will continue to invest in talented people and infrastructure.

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