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Think Local. Act Local

Over the past few decades, with vastly improved transportation links, international passenger & freight hubs, advancements in technology and communication infrastructure, crucially 3G | 4G and 5G, we are a truly inter-connected community; with mobility deeply rooted in our modern personal and business life. Interestingly, such advancements also bring challenges, particularly in data security, compliance and due diligence. High value storage and the global movement of goods doesn’t just happen with the click of a mouse. It demands significant investment and highly talented people. All assets that exist at Chichester Bonded Solutions.

Our investment in state-of-the-art facilities is the envy of the industry and never fails to impress our growing client base. However, the decade long saying of Think Global, Act Local has been somewhat de-railed in the past 12-16 months with the Global Pandemic.

As we slowly strive to normality, growth starts much closer to home. In fact, our business ‘neighbours’ KNP have partnered with CBS at our new facility on the outskirts of Fareham. This makes you think. What other opportunities sit on our very doorstep, with no doubt the same challenges.

More than ever local business networking is today a vital first step in getting our P&Ls back into profit. We are fortunate at CBS, not only are we located in a strategic hub on the South Coast to serve the Cruise Industry, we have a vast network of local businesses to connect with. In fact, the team here at CBS would be delighted to host a local business forum. So if you are reading this blog, get in touch.

When we do eventually gain global momentum, the big issues in our sector will once again be at the fore. The sustainability movement. Reducing harmful waste. Moving goods with carbon off-setting in mind. Using energy wisely; something we take seriously at CBS. Just organising your own warehouse operations has a positive impact on energy consumption and efficiency. Come and knock on our door and see for yourselves.

Chichester Bonded Solutions. Your local partner and ready to serve.

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