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Always Ready. Steady. Go

Without doubt the past year has been beyond extraordinary. Notwithstanding the immense economic and financial strain of Covid 19, we are navigating a new independent status from the European Union which has brought transportation companies a whole new way of working, literally overnight. And obviously uncertainty with Brexit stalled inward investment. We are also witnessing the 24/7 e-commerce economy accelerating rapidly, in part due to lockdown, which means the days of seasonality operations is a thing of the past. The way we consume products, buy products and indeed transact for products has changed. One look at cryptocurrency, whilst massively volatile, goes hand in hand with a digital economy.

Sometimes however a big pause is good. Reflection in life and business is good. And certainly, at Chichester Bond with a strong leadership team and hawk like financial stewardship, the past 12 months have been a time to regroup and hit the investment button. Responsibilities to our people has been key. We’ve invested in best-in-class training, recruitment and education; all foundations to provide our clients with consistent and expert service as we ready ourselves for a strong economic revival.

Moreover, these investments, including over £1 million in our new state-of-the-art warehouse in Fareham, our outstanding knowledge of HMRC procedures, excise regulations and the necessary documentation for the transition of goods for import and export has culminated in our certification to the Internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 standard, undertaken in partnership with Bureau Veritas, a UKAS accredited certification body. A great achievement from a committed and diligent Bond & Warehousing team.

Part of our core business is the warehousing of alcoholic products. Excise goods that are moving within the UK or between the EU and Northern Ireland in excise duty-suspension must be covered by financial security in the form of a movement guarantee (MGA). We’ve recently been granted an MGA by HMRC which further strengthens our service proposition for transportation companies and global brand owners.

At Chichester Bond, we are always ready. No matter what.

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